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Re: Is there no consistancy in Hardcovers?

Subject: Re: Is there no consistancy in Hardcovers?
by Urulöké on 2009/2/3 8:07:02

A couple of great topics mixed around here, I'll try to touch on all of them:

Trotter/Khamul - I don't know how many copies of BoLT 1/Return of the Shadow I have seen with a faded spine - the "black" dustjacket fades to a very unlovely shade of purple if exposed to sun too long, so it's probably using some similar red dyes. I do agree that red dustjackets are very susceptible to sunlight fading, but keep them all out of direct sunlight! Even the white dustjackets of the first edition LoTRs get all brown and crackly from sunlight over time.

Stu - I wish I had had relatives that "together" when I was growing up, getting me books like that! One cautionary note, your Grandmother's birthday card is probably not acid-free, so you might want to wrap it in archival tissue paper at the very least, or you may end up with a slightly brown ghost-image of the card on the touching pages of the book over time. On your other topic, my best find was a couple of UK Peoples I found in a US specialty bookstore at list price (converted to US$, at that time they were about $50 each), and this was in 2002 or so - they had been sitting on the shelves like that for years.

Eric the Red - I am not sitting near my copies of UT and Silmarillion right now, but in general those three books don't match in size, binding materials, etc. Not even the various deluxe/super deluxe editions that HarperCollins has put out over the years match in size or quality, and that's a shame.
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