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Re: Is there no consistancy in Hardcovers?

Subject: Re: Is there no consistancy in Hardcovers?
by Stu on 2009/2/4 12:38:22

>I find this book impossible to get hold of. In fact I think they only printed 5 copies to tease collectors like me

It's was the hardest book to find in my collection. It becamse a kind of holy grail, as it took me several years to find a copy. If I hadn't seen a picture of it, I wouldn't have believed it existed! When I did find it, I was lucky enough to get an unread copy in near perfect condition. It cost 40 pounds, which was seemed fair given its rarity. I would love to know how many copies were printed.

> I have a 1st/4th BOLT1 and the spine has gone a horrible purple shade because of sun-damage, I really do not want this to happen to my main set.

I have only seen spine fading on later printings of the 1st of BoLT 1, never on the 1st/1st. Certainlty the 3rd printing(s) start off as a much more blue colour than the fairly black 1st printing, and I suspect these later ones use a less stable dye. I would just go with a good quality jacket protector that protects against UV and keep them out of direct sunlight (behind glass if possible). Mine have been on show for the last 5 years in this manner with no noticeable fading. Not much point in having them just to look at the page edges! :)

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