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Re: CoH Bookplates from UK Waterstones Launch: Quality?

Subject: Re: CoH Bookplates from UK Waterstones Launch: Quality?
by Khamûl on 2009/2/17 2:52:17

Thank you Trotter & Deagol!

I was just a little apprehensive having not seen the bookplate in the flesh. When you look at my (wide) photograph, the helm looks very strikingly black; but that's not what it actually looks like to the eye (the digital camera does not truly capture the image that accurately.) You have put my mind at rest tho'; and, Deagol, I eventually got that UK standard hardback I was holding out for!

In respect to AL signature as well, I just didn't mention it; wanting to concentrate on the bookplate detail. AL has signed it in his customary manner (with 17-4-2007 date) on the title page.

Trotter, you seem to imply that AL signed (or at least went out of his way) to sign all bookplated copies; is this right? I take it you mean that everybody chose to get AL to sign, rather than the event conditions making it (almost) mandatory for him to do so? It beggars the question of why they did not just get AL to pre-sign the UK (destined) bookplates as well (like the US bookplates.) Yes, its nice to see him sign in person; but in the event he could not attend, they'd be left with no AL signature at all.

Did (Trotter) many people just get bookplated copies, with no AL signature? To be honest I didn't want a copy with Bernard Hill's signature; since he has nothing what so ever to do with the book. Would have loved (any) copy with Adam Tolkien's signature as well. I heard (a listing implied he only signed two copies) he signed very few copies at the event. Did you not consider asking? And of course David Brawn was also in attendance...


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