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CoH Bookplates from UK Waterstones Launch: Quality?

Subject: CoH Bookplates from UK Waterstones Launch: Quality?
by Khamûl on 2009/2/16 3:21:38

I know this was widely discussed at the time; but having trawled back thro' the threads there are unfortunately no images of bookplates, suspected forgeries etc imbedded in the threads.

Can anyone with their own bookplated UK CoH (especially the standards hardback) comment (or even better post an image) on the positioning of Christopher's signature on the bookplate & the print quality of the border and helm.

I've just bought a copy from a reputible dealer; but I want to check this out now while I still have the opportunity to return it.

In this copy the signature looks fine, and is positioned in the top left corner. It is solid black, and even under a magnifying glass there is no sign of any break up in the colour.

But having not seen the bookplate itself in any other copies, I'm a little worried about its appearance. The border is grey. On examination with a magnifying glass it is cleary (like I'd imagine all copied images) made up of horizontal black lines; which are themselves made of strings of little back dots.

The helm is certainly black, but nowhere near as black as the signature. Under a magnifying glass (this is even visible with the naked eye if you look closely) the black areas of the helm (e.g. like the celtic-like motif on the jaw part of the helm) are clearly made from (again) horizontal black lines; uniformely black this time, no dotting. It measure ~26mm (the helm) at its longest point i.e. from the very point of the jaw part to the spikes on the dragons back.

Can anyone confirm whether this is indeed how the bookplate appears in their copy? I'd imagine that the genuine bookplates are in themselves not of the best of quality. But, does anyone remember how good/bad suspected fakes were? I expected the helm to be a lot darker & blacker than the copy I have appears. The photographs don't really capture what I'm describing that well. (The helm photo has actually come out quite poor.)

Also where is the bookplate positioned in UK St. Hb copies? In my copy it is on the grey endpaper, not on the half-title page as I have seen in some copies. I can't remember the details at the time hence all the questions. I know for fact that Trotter was at the Waterstones UK launch!

Information sought.

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