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Re: CoH Bookplates from UK Waterstones Launch: Quality?

Subject: Re: CoH Bookplates from UK Waterstones Launch: Quality?
by Trotter on 2009/2/17 11:26:22

It was very regimented, when you went into the store they (Harper-Collins staff and Waterstone's staff) asked which books you wanted to buy (people early in the queue could get two books), I got both editions. You then queued to see Alan Lee who signed the book, you then went to the checkout.

Waterstones were discounting the books on that day as well, have checked the receipt and my copy of the Trade edition signed by Christopher Tolkien & Alan Lee was £15 (reduced from £18.99)

Originally only the first 50 copies of the Trade Edition were meant to have the book-plate but this was overturned on the day, which is good as it enabled me to get the Deluxe Edition as well.

I left at about 1pm, having got up at 3am to get there so did not see Bernard Hill at all, no huge loss to me as he has nothing to do with the books. I did see Alan Lee, David Brawn and Adam Tolkien though but have no idea how many editions they signed.

I suspect that Adam did not sign many, as he did seem uncomfortable at the event, he said very little in the Q&A, most of the questions were answered by Alan & David. I got into trouble as I asked most of the questions. He did not look keen to sign bookplates.
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