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Re: Super-Deluxe Sigurd & Gudrun

Subject: Re: Super-Deluxe Sigurd & Gudrun
by Elwë on 2009/5/21 13:12:10

Deagol wrote:
To be honest I can't see what the problem is.

Deagol, you are right in stating that it is really not that difficult to just get up and order the book on the 20'th. That is not my complaint. I just wonder why they would send me a message saying, "Our customer services team will be contacting you on 20th May to complete your purchase," and then nobody ever contacted me.

And, considering Trotter's point, I also thought it was totally plausible (though not probable), that they might send me a code that would correspond to my place in line, or at least my reservation of the book. I disagree that they may have taken "1000's" of registrations. If there were that many people lined up to buy, this book would not take the five years, or more, that it is going to take to sell 500 copies.
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