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HarperCollins update

Subject: HarperCollins update
by Urulöké on 2009/3/4 17:04:30

David Brawn has gotten back to me with some answers to questions I asked (mostly based on questions posed here in the forums or in private emails to me). I thought I would summarize here as well as tracking down all the threads and posting snippets all over the forums.

Sigurd and Gudrun Super Deluxe will be available to ship to the USA at the same time as the rest of the world, now that HC and Houghton Mifflin have an arrangement in place. Only the Super Deluxe editions are covered, though, so other titles/specials from tolkien.co.uk are still not allowed to ship to the USA.

He appreciated the feedback on pricing and number of copies for S&G - sounds like HC is still mulling those over a bit, so keep the discussion going! They are definitely interested in feedback now and in the future. Though I imagine they won't produce just twenty of them and give them out here for free.

Evidently he was not aware of the Tree and Leaf not being on the website yet as previously announced - that is being addressed now, so we should expect to see it there soon.

As for customer service/performance of Tolkien.co.uk as a retail site, it was good to hear from David that they have already changed the service provider they contracted with twice, always with better service in mind. They are definitely trying to get it right.
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