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Re: 1987 The Hobbit #13 of 500 (signed)

Subject: Re: 1987 The Hobbit #13 of 500 (signed)
by Trotter on 2009/3/9 6:38:38

I guess your referring to this copy

http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookD ... 26yrh%3D1987%26yrl%3D1987

I don't think David Miller is in a great hurry to sell that book and would be pleased to get the asking price for it. However this book has been on sale for a long time at that price.

Do you still have the original box as this also signed by Christopher Tolkien?

The unsigned copies can be bought for about £400, I have seen some being offered at nearly £1000 as well though, and there are 4 times as many of the unsigned as signed, so on that basis alone £1500-£1600 would have seemed a good price.

Unfortunately would is the operative word for you, the credit crunch has inevitably had an impact on the higher priced Tolkien Books and someone who would have paid that a year ago will now have second thoughts.

You may be better off keeping the book for another couple of years, 2011 could be a good year for 'The Hobbit' books if a certain film comes out produced by Peter Jackson.
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