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HM History of Middle Earth Dust Jackets

Subject: HM History of Middle Earth Dust Jackets
by Elwë on 2009/3/12 17:59:14

I was just putting some protectors on the jackets of my Houghton Mifflin set of the History of Middle Earth. While doing so, I wondered, 'Has anyone ever thought of making custom jackets for the four that do not match the rest (vols. 6,7,8,9)?' I know it doesn't make sense to spend a lot of time or money to enhance a set that isn't a seriously valuable one, but it just really bugs me that they had to change jacket designs for the middle of the series. I am just wondering if anyone out there has considered doing this, or if anyone has any idea how you might go about doing this. It would be ideal to end up with a similar paper type, metalic/gloss colors, etc., but I can't imagine it being terribly difficult with the scanning and printing technology available today.

One last note... I realize that there are copyrights and protections, but this would not be done with the intention of selling them or anything else. It would only be so that I don't have to have my set on the shelf with mismatched jackets. (Ugly, white, mismatched jackets... )
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