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Re: Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe

Subject: Re: Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe
by Trotter on 2009/5/8 6:53:57

It looks like the final version does incorporate the same flat spine and thinner slipcase boards as the TftPR. Judging from Trotter's photos, I would guess that it was put together by the same binders as the TftPR. Can this be confirmed?

Yes it is Clays who also printed TftPR.

Do you think that Harper Collins needs to hear some feedback regarding their photos? It seems that they consistently release photos of their new deluxe editions that are slightly misleading. I know that many were disappointed when the Super Deluxe CoH did not really look like the photos they posted, and the photos for this book in particular, might deter people who want it to match the rest of their set (not realizing, of course, that it really does match). I know that there are always clammorings for 'sneak-peeks' at the new editions, but if I were David Brawn, I would not release marketing photos until I had something that was accurately representative.

What they have done again makes no sense at all, the current tolkien.co.uk web site shows an incorrect picture of the Deluxe Edition of the book, I could probably sue HarperCollins in respect of the book that I have received does not match the picture on the web site. It is much better but?

If anyone reading this has any HC contacts, I have already suggested that they set up a commitee of Tolkien Fans (from this board) which they speak to about new issues, the web site tolkien.co.uk (which is very poor, how to improve, etc.) and anything else, I really think that having feedback from 100% Tolkien Fans would help the company.

I wish someone from HarperCollins would post on this board to discuss the issues that are raised.

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