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Re: Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe

Subject: Re: Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe
by Elwë on 2009/4/21 6:01:13

Nice photo, Stu. I think the book looks great. Very nice color scheme, although I agree, the oval, etc. does throw it off a bit. I am still upset that they did away with the hand-cut hole in the side of the slipcase. I thought that came off very nice on the Hobbit, and should have been maintained for the entire deluxe series. Oh well, I guess this one is really not part of Tolkien's middle earth, anyway. Whatever the case, I will be happy to add it to my collection.

Where did you find this photo? Did you happen to already get a copy? If you did, can you tell us who the printer is? The previous books from this series were printed in Italy by LEGO SPA. However, the Tales from the Perilous Realm was done by another printer (supposedly meeting the same specs as the others), and I feel it had a different feel to it. The spine did not seem to quite match the first 4 books of this deluxe series.
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