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Re: Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe

Subject: Re: Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe
by Stu on 2009/4/21 15:32:46

>Where did you find this photo? Did you happen to already get a copy? If you did, can you tell us who the printer is? The previous books from this series were printed in Italy by LEGO SPA. However, the Tales from the Perilous Realm was done by another printer (supposedly meeting the same specs as the others), and I feel it had a different feel to it. The spine did not seem to quite match the first 4 books of this deluxe series.

The photo was on the HarperCollins UK webserver. I found a link direct to the image on another forum, so unfortunately, I know nothing more than is shown. I suspect it might be a different printer again from the ToPM, as although it has a thinner/much poorer quality slipcase (like ToPM did), it doesn't also have the flatter spine (which might just be because it isn't as thick, of course). Could be printed by anyone, anywhere, really. Time will tell.

I think it will look somewhat out of place next to the existing UK editions (like putting the US Deluxe CoH next to the HC ones), but it will be fine on another section of shelf.

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