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Re: Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe

Subject: Re: Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe
by Stu on 2009/5/8 19:54:09

>I will nudge those forum members who work for HC to post directly, but I have a feeling they prefer anonymity. Good points raised though, and I will follow up via email and see if I can get some feedback!

Vaguely off topic, but I must admit, I have lost interest in trying to fix the problems with HC. After I had the issue with them sending my set of deluxes to the wrong address (and then wrongly claiming it was my mistake!), I ordered a couple more books, which they then sent to the correct address, but they only included half the street name, and missed the suburb entirely. After bouncing around Australia, I eventually got the (inadequately packed) parcel of scuffed, fingerprinted (at source), bumped books. I only received them at all because the parcel had my registered company name on it. They then proceeded to send the invoice to the delivery address.... I couldn't even be bothered to chase it up with them, as it was a GBP 30.00 order and I smoothed out the bumped corners to an acceptable level and used an eraser gently to get rid of the scuffs/marks.

They have had at least one aspect of the addressing wrong on 3 out of 4 orders. Other than ordering something like the super-deluxe editions, I wouldn't consider dealing with them again, as it is just too much hassle. They seem to be utterly incompetent at every level, from the dismal website right through to order fulfilment. At least buying from Amazon, you know you can get the problem resolved easily if something goes wrong, but with HC you need to make phone calls to Scotland (as they ignore their email).

On the plus side, their postage is cheap, but that's about it.

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