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Re: 2004 Deluxe Edition reprints

Subject: Re: 2004 Deluxe Edition reprints
by Findegil on 2009/12/24 5:22:23

We too would like to know if our later corrections and the new index, and the correct facsimile Ring inscription in Book I, Chapter 2, have been included in the deluxe Lord of the Rings back in stock -- or were they already in the second or third printing, if a new printing would be a fourth? As editors and collectors we got the first printing, but haven't heard anything about what has come later for the deluxe. (We've bought some later, updated printings of the trade edition when in England.)

The new index of course is longer than the old one, and adding pages would add bulk to the book, which would affect the special binding case and slipcase, so looking at it from the point of view of economy, we suspect that the current deluxe printing is the same as the first -- but one never knows.

We also put this question to HarperCollins the other day, not however expecting a reply until January.

And now we're wondering as well if the Houghton Mifflin LR has been reprinted, with or without corrections. In bookshops it's always shrinkwrapped, so there's no way to check when browsing.

Best wishes to all for the holidays,

Wayne and Christina
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