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Re: UK HOME Hardback Reissues

Subject: Re: UK HOME Hardback Reissues
by Khamûl on 2010/4/19 4:44:58

(Mr Burns) Here is a link to a previous post on TCG, regarding HoME format & prices, that may be helpful...

History of Middle-earth (TCG Feb. 2008)

That was all a couple of years ago now, so here is a price update from eBay sales only (that I've monitored)...

Actually, before I go into individual prices of each volume; eBay seller fivegoodbooks has some great auctions, with books conservatively graded at VG+ to F (they always look F tho'). At the tail end of 2008 and July 2009 they listed (individually) all 12 volumes. I think they are a great barometer of eBay 'thinking' on prices; & they are reliably graded --unlike many other auctions.

[Note: all discussion is of books in 1st impression status, unless otherwise noted. All books were graded VG or better, unless noted.]

2008 Auction Prices:

BoLTs 1 £66 (UNpriced)
BoLTs 2 £72 (UNpriced)
Lays £69 (priced)
Shaping £87 (UNpriced, no sticker)
LR £73 (priced)
Return £59 (priced)
Treason £77 (UNpriced)
WR £82 (priced)
Sauron £83 (UNpriced)
MR £185 (UNpriced)
WotJ £276 (UNpriced)
Peoples £500 (UNpriced) [Total £1630]

2009 Auction Prices:

BoLTs 1 £72 (priced, with sticker)
BoLTs 2 £41 (priced, with sticker)
Lays £45 (priced)
Shaping £107 (priced, with sticker)
LR £63 (priced)
Return £77 (priced)
Treason £38 (priced)
WR £38 (priced)
Sauron £69 (priced)
MR £180 (priced)
WotJ £192 (priced)
Peoples £302 (priced) [Total £1224]

All of these prices are at the top of the eBay price range I would say. But, as I said, people do pay for peace of mind in terms of auction & seller reliability; as well as the condition of the books themselves.

More generally, prices for each individual volume through 2009, and into (very early; I haven't been keeping my note book up lately!) 2010 are as follows..

BoLTs 1:
72 (Dom)
44 (Exp?)
48 (Exp?)
39 (Exp)

BoLTs 2:
58 (Sticker residue)
37 (Exp?)
16 (Ex-lib)
41 (Dom)
22 (Exp)
28 (Exp?)
34 (Sticker)
22 (Missing endpaper)
34 (Exp?)

42 (Price-clipped)
20 (Exp?)
45 (Dom)
31 (Dom)
30 (Price-clipped)
57 (Dom)
31 (Dom)
36 (Dom)

29 (Exp?)
107 (Printed price)
50 (Sticker)
27 (Sticker, DJ only 'G++')
36 (Price-clipped)

20 (Price-clipped)
63 (Dom)
30 (Exp?)
35 (BCA)
50 (Exp?)
50 (Dom)
36 (Dom)
82 (Dom)

13 (Ex-lib, Exp?)
77 (Dom)

43 (Exp)
15 (Exp?)
26 (Exp)
16 (Exp?)
38 (Dom)
37 (Exp?)
15 (Exp)
8 (Exp?)
25 (Exp)
27 (Exp)
10 (Exp)
17 (Exp?)
16 (Exp?)
29 (Exp)
25 (Price-clipped)

27 (Exp?)
31 (Exp?)
38 (Dom)
37 (Exp?)
22 (Exp?)
33 (Dom)
21 (Dom)
31 (Dom)
40 (Exp?)
21 (Dom)
27 (Dom)
66 (Dom)
31 (Price-clipped)

46 (Exp)
31 (Exp?)
36 (Exp?)
100 (Exp?)
14 (Exp?)
80 (Exp?)
69 (Dom)
37 (Exp?)
30 (Exp?)
25 (Exp?)
45 (Exp?)
46 (Exp?)
33 (Exp?)
35 (Ex-lib, Exp?)
30 (Exp, Badly sunned spine)
33 (Exp)

67 (Imp?)
103 (Price-clipped, 2nd imp.)
53 (Dom)
123 (Dom)
129 (Exp)
180 (Dom)
100 (Exp?)
91 (Price-clipped, 2nd imp.)
86 (Dom)
100 (Exp)
100 (Dom)
90 (Exp)
91 (Exp)
49 (Dom, 2nd imp.)
104 (Exp?)
112 (Dom)

176 (Dom)
190 (Exp)
177 (Dom)
192 (Dom)
175 (Exp)
165 (Dom)
166 (Exp?)
117 (Exp)

377 (Exp)
161 (Dom)
256 (Dom)
362 (Exp)
250 (Exp)
250 (Exp)
302 (Dom)

Clearly there are some huge inconsistencies, not only in the note taking of one person, but also in the quality of information given in auctions for potential buyers to go on.

The last three in the series and Treason remain reasonably consistent. The last three books (Morgoth's Ring, War of the Jewels, and Peoples of Middle-earth) principally because auctions for these books don't go unnoticed. Copies of Treason just seems to be plentiful.

The early books are probably the most difficult to find in the condition the collector wants; there are lots of variables here: reprints, BCA copies, stickered, un-stickered, & books in a wide range of conditions.

I still think you should put aside around £50 for each of the BoLTs volumes. You don't really need to pay more, and you may get for less.

Lays you should get for slightly less: perhaps £20 to £40.

is difficult (like BoLTs) to get in the condition your after. You might get lucky and get a nice copy for under £50.

LR probably in the Lays range: £20 to £40.

Return seems to be quite uncommon. I suppose, again, you'd aim for getting a copy for under £50.

Treason: shop around! There are many copies out there, I'd aim (if I was buying now) to get a copy for no more than £20.

WR has definitely decreased the most over the years since I've watched prices. I bought my copy for ~ £60. But now you'd aim for picking up a copy for less the £30 I'd say.

Sauron has come down too, but not as much. Again, aim for under £50.

Now for the more expensive volumes...

MR has seen some low prices. If you can get a copy for under £100, in top condition I'd say that is good. But you don't really want, or need, to go any higher than double figures I don't think.

WotJ is still selling quite high. I have never seen any decent copies go for under £100. Aim for getting a copy for under £150 I'd say.

Peoples! I really don't know. It's not a book I have. Prices have remained stubbornly high. ADCBooks sold a copy in 2007 for £830; which is an incredible price. However normally prices have stayed around the £200 to £300 mark. Very few copies go for under £200; I think I noted one copy. In the £300's is not unusual.

As for where to buy? If you can find Tolkien books in the flesh anywhere for cheaper than eBay I'd be surprised. Car boot sales is not something I've been to; I suppose there must be bargains out there somewhere.

Well, I hope this awfully long post is of use to anyone who cares to read it...

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