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Re: UK HOME Hardback Reissues

Subject: Re: UK HOME Hardback Reissues
by Khamûl on 2010/7/9 6:19:29

I was going to come back with 'yeh, but the price is still horrific' --but it actually isn't that bad. The slipcases are quite good too; they'll serve their function at least.

Does anyone remember, (I'll go back and find the original post), that a slipcased deluxe set of HoME came up on eBay in 2007?! Has anyone any recollection of this, or any pictures saved?

I emailed David Brawn, and he had the follwing to add:-

We had planned a slipcased set, but unfortunately a production problem resulted in the heights of the three volumes being marginally different, which meant the slipcases didn't really look good enough. A few prototype empty slipcases were produced, and I think that as we had them we sent a couple out to people who wrote in at the time specifically asking for one, but as far as I can remember we never did a production run. We ended up producing a much more successful trilogy of combined volumes without the anguish of Bible paper, leather binding, and all the production headaches those things entailed! We did release that set in a slipcase for a while.

-David Brawn (Private email 9th July 2010)


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