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Re: Looking for info on map/poster

Subject: Re: Looking for info on map/poster
by garm on 2010/4/28 14:18:56

Just had a word with Charles (Noad). I'd asked him what might be the connection between these posters and Archie Mercer's 'Middle Earthworm'. He toddled off to look them up in his files, then got back to me.

Seems there was a letter in M.Ew no. 8, March 1970, where a correspondent asks whether anyone else has seen these Hobbit posters from the USA. Gandalf, Shadowfax etc. Her dad had bought her the Gandalf one. Cost ten shillings (50p in today's money) which she thought was a lot.

Charles also pointed me to another UK newsletter; Belladonna's Broadsheet no.3, (June 1970, p.6), in which the founder of the Tolkien Society Vera Chapman (a.k.a. Belladonna Took) mentions having seen these posters at an almost legendary London retail outlet called 'Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed'. Bella wasn't sure she'd like to have Gollum staring at her all day. Gandalf, she felt, was a more benign presence, but the picture is let down by poor drawing skills. (paraphrase).

So, there we are - no real connection between these posters (prob. of American origin) and Archie Mercer's 'Middle Earthworm', beyond the fact that they're mentioned once or twice.

Seems to me we could just as easily refer to them as the 'Belladonna' posters.

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