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Re: The Horn Book Magazine (excerpt from The Hobbit)

Subject: Re: The Horn Book Magazine (excerpt from The Hobbit)
by Findegil on 2010/6/26 19:47:45

Looking at the pictures, the label would appear to have been produced by the Magazine Publisher and not by anyone else.

This is undoubtedly correct. The fonts and decoration on the printed label match the magazine for 1938.

I expect that the publishers sold identical slipcases for all the different magazines they produced except for the labels affixed to them, which is why they don't seem to fit very well in the box.

The Horn Book was published at that time, as today, by The Horn Book, Inc., which as far as I know published no other magazine (though they did publish books). On the basis of the one example, they evidently offered annual slipcases; I find no mention of these, however, in any issue in 1938. It may be that they were separately advertised. I've also checked the printed Horn Book Index, but found no reference to slipcases.

Except for some breaking and splaying of the slipcase at the top, it seems to me that it fits the six (bimonthly) issues okay. The extra height at the top allows finger access for getting a magazine more easily out of the box.

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