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Re: Silmarillion edition ["bound in red cloth"]

Subject: Re: Silmarillion edition ["bound in red cloth"]
by Khamûl on 2010/6/25 10:01:12

I don't think pirate editions are worth much, & although not rare (they must have produced quite a few you would think) --they are quite scarce i.e. if you wanted to go and buy a copy you might struggle to find one. Because of this a seller may charge annoyingly high for it, assuming it's of some worth.

I have two UK pirated copies with jackets & the jacket-less US copy I posted pictures of. For some reason I paid £25 for my first copy (copyright page had been excised), £15 for the second UK copy (go figure!), and £12 for the US copy. Not that I cared at the time, for I just wanted to have a look at a copy, but I overpaid by some margin for the first copy I think; the second price was more in line for a good UK pirated copy; & the second was probably too much for a copy without a jacket.

Judging by the fact that a 1970's pirated Hobbit, always a more popular title than The Silmarillion, went for £9.08 just the other day on eBay --I'd guess they're of novelty value only to most collectors. Put it this way --if you stuck a copy on eBay for Buy-It-Now £20, it would probably take a while to shift.

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