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Re: Number of books?

Subject: Re: Number of books?
by Findegil on 2010/6/16 20:16:56

We too don't have a precise count of our books by and about Tolkien. But a rough estimate, counting bound journals as books and averaging a few shelves at random, would be 4,440 volumes. That's 120 three-foot shelves, with about 37 volumes per shelf. A photo of part of our basement Tolkien stacks accompanied our first blog post.

We also have, at the moment, 19 shelves of Tolkien-related magazines and copies from magazines, newspapers, etc.; 5 shelves of audio-visual recordings; 2 shelves of posters (in flat boxes); 1 shelf of puzzles and games; 13 shelves of reference and working papers; and Tolkien-inspired sweatshirts and tee shirts in boxes and drawers.

Then there are some duplicate Tolkien titles on the 10 shelves of our Pauline Baynes collection, and books partly about Tolkien among books on other Inklings (5 shelves), and miscellaneous mentions of Tolkien in books on children's literature, fantasy, etc. which are shelved in other areas.

We tend to say that we have some 15,000 books in our house, plus CDs, DVDs, LPs, and magazines, but we made that estimate a long time ago, and should probably say around 16,000 now.

Wayne & Christina
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