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Re: Cancelled - Wheelbarrows at Dawn: Memories of Hilary Tolkien

Subject: Re: Cancelled - Wheelbarrows at Dawn: Memories of Hilary Tolkien
by Beren on 2010/11/9 0:13:04

I don't agree on your vision of the Tolkien's Estate purpose - they are the legal body who manage mainly the copyright of Tolkien. Which was asked so by J.R.R. Tolkien in his will.

When writing anything that Tolkien wrote, when you wish to quote any letter he wrote, wish to reproduce any picture of him (that is not under copyright of Billet Potter or other photographers,...) or a drawing of him, you need to contact the Estate FIRST and work with them to get permissions to get things published. You cannot expect to write a book first and then think they will just say OK to it. You cannot go and take a car out of a garage, drive all around the planet and then come back to pay for it. There is a way of working they follow which I believe to be very natural and logic.

And by the way, the Tolkien Estate is not so bad if you look at other literary estates, who for example demand money every time you wish to reproduce a letter or picture... there are many literary estate who are MUCH more difficult to work with. In comparison talk with people who wanted to bring out a Tolkien related game and had to work with Tolkien Enterprises and see how they operate before you judge the Tolkien Estate - Tolkien Enterprises is a business and they think with a business mind. The Tolkien Estate is something completely different and really are not having a mind on money as Stu claims, in all talks I had with them not one single time they talked about money - that is a completely wrong way of portraying them!

It is truly a pity this book is not being published, the material would be of interest to anyone interested into Tolkien, but it is no surprise they act like this. Maybe there is still hope? The Tolkien Estate tends to play it very hard, but sometimes they end up giving an OK in the end. My experience is that if you stay positive and talk positive and show the passion you have to get something done they tend to start to listen to you... if you play it hard they will close the door completely. Logic so.
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