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Re: Cancelled - Wheelbarrows at Dawn: Memories of Hilary Tolkien

Subject: Re: Cancelled - Wheelbarrows at Dawn: Memories of Hilary Tolkien
by Beren on 2010/11/9 13:39:40

Thanks Deagol for this response! Really appreciate telling us some more...

It is difficult to judge the situation when you are not involved and don't know the complete content of the book and what is actually going on with the Estate. Without going to much into detail you have answered a lot of questions.

I'm happy to read that the project gave you good pleasure, still I believe it would have been much nicer for you to have the book published. Somehow I hope something miraculous will happen and somehow it will get the green light. There are, or so I believe, many people who would love to read the book. To learn Tolkien through the eyes of someone he was so close with is surely much more interesting then getting to learn him by reading letters in auction catalogues! Still that is probably the problem, or do I misunderstand?

I'm not completely understanding how publishing letters will reduce their value, since published letters tend to be much more valuable than unpublished letters... letters that can be linked to published letters are more valuable than unpublished letters. Actually there are many factors why one letter can be more valuable then another, I'm just thinking about famous people, content, length, serious opinions on topics, mention of any of his works,... the list goes on. Anyways, it is an explanation I don't follow too much... but might be my own thing.

Anyways, I believe you sound very positive still, even while you say you don't know what the future will bring,... I believe only by approaching it in a positive manner there will be found a way forward!
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