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Re: A decent way to pick up the Folio editions

Subject: Re: A decent way to pick up the Folio editions
by Elwë on 2010/7/29 6:34:11

I am not 100% sure, but I believe you are following an old link. I don't think that Folio currently has The Lord of the Rings or The Silmarillion available for sale. I live in the US and this offer is not shown as current when I go to the Folio site. In fact, I believe it has been a couple years since the offer was available, and it was sans Silmarillion.

In my opinion, the most recent Harper Collins slipcased editions (http://www.tolkien.co.uk/titles/40805 ... r-r-tolkien-9780007273560) available from Amazon are nicer editions than the Folio ones anyway. I am not a fan of the illustrations in the Folio editions, and I also find them to be cheaper quality. While I do like the ornate paper on the Folio editions, I have found that the stamped images on the covers scratch and rub off easily. They are still good books, but they simply don't feel as nice in my hands as the Harper Collins Deluxe books.

As far as illustrated editions go, for my money, I would go for the Alan Lee / Ted Nasmith set.
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