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Re: A decent way to pick up the Folio editions

Subject: Re: A decent way to pick up the Folio editions
by bruffyboy on 2010/7/30 2:00:20

Thanks for the input. As it happens, I just bought a 2002 set of LOTR folio editions on eBay for an amazing £32 plus postage, largely due (I think) to a listing error in the title. I then snapped up the hobbit for a tenner so I've only got the silmarillion to go!

As for the Tolkien deluxe set, I've decided to get it book by book from thebookdepositry.co.uk where it will cost just £140. I've ordered LOTR but will have to wait for more funds before I get the rest! Obviously no slipcase but for £60 I can live with that, and since I plan on getting the further deluxe editions, it wouldn't sit right on my shelf in a slipcase anyway!

From Sept (when my new promotion kicks in) I will have £200 a month to devote to Tolkien books, so give me a year or so guys and I should have some niceities to share with you all!
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