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Re: A decent way to pick up the Folio editions

Subject: Re: A decent way to pick up the Folio editions
by Elwë on 2010/7/30 6:24:25

I picked up my harper collins set book by book, as they were released (all from Amazon UK. So, I don't have the all inclusive slipcase, but all the books are individually slipped anyway. It's a pretty attractive set on the shelf and Tales from the Perilous Realm and Sigurd and Gudrun are available in this format. This makes it the most comprehensive (nearly) matching set of Deluxe Editions you can put together. I agree that the HC price on their website is too high, but you can piece the set together from various other places. Keep an eye on ebay for the less popular titles, as I have seen some of them go for pretty cheap (CoH, TftPR, S&G, and even the Sil).

It is unfortunate that first printings will be difficult to come by for the Hobbit and LotR, but I question the investment potential of these editions anyway. I like them on my shelf, or in my hands, not in my closet waiting for the value to increase. This is simply an attractive, well constructed (sewn binding) reader set, that I expect to endure the test of time. Until the publishers decide to produce truly limited editions (of only 100, maybe 200 copies), I don't expect any new editions to be a great financial investment. The Super Deluxe Children of Hurin is close to being there, but the Super Sigurd is nowhere near.
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