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Re: Value of these books?

Subject: Re: Value of these books?
by Elwë on 2010/8/3 14:01:41

Not a bad price, in my opinion. I have purchased copies of these books for a little less money in the last couple of years, but not still shrink wrapped. You are correct in saying that it probably doesn't matter much whether the LotR is the 3'rd or 4'th printing (which would be the 2001 version with the faux leather slipcase). Value would increase significantly if it were a first impression from 1997 in the cloth slipcase. The Silmarillion, while I think a gorgeous book, has never commanded a serious premium simply due to the number printed against demand.

In terms of investment value, your books would hold a little more value if kept shrink wrapped, but then of course they more difficult to enjoy. If opened, I am not too sure if you will ever be able to sell them for significant profit (unless there is another huge boom after Hobbit movie(s) are released), but you will not lose money either. All in all, I think you fared pretty well. Now you just have to pick up a copy of the Hobbit!
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