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Re: Super Deluxe values

Subject: Re: Super Deluxe values
by loonka on 2010/8/23 5:02:54

I prefer lower numbers.

I received my copy of the SD The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun the other day. It is sitting on my bookshelf next to the SD The Children of Hurin. I have not opened either of these and am in no rush to do so. I can really only judge them by photos, tho I do think the cases look attractive. I know it has been said before but I must comment on the sizes. I think it lazy that they do not fit in size. It makes no sense.

I have previously mentioned this on another thread but I find it almost surprising that both of these titles have not sold out, especially S&G. In my opinion S&G being the first deluxe edition would be a definite for a book collector to own.

I understand that the quality of S&G compared to CoH is not good; why is this opinion formed?

Of course the prices are ridiculous and the edition is perhaps a little large and the initial S&G discount price was not wise as it may undermine the perceived value.

I can’t help thinking tho that had of this been sold by a company like The Folio Society it would have long since become sold out. The limited editions they sell can move quite fast. I guess their books are of a higher quality. Harper Collins are not great at promoting their books either.

It will be at least fifty years before these books start achieving true higher prices. One some have been opened, read, lost, and the ridiculous prices of the current ones for sale by private booksellers are over.

Re-reading it my post is a bit of a jumble of ideas and not strictly fitting into the title of ‘Super Deluxe Values’, but I had to have my say somewhere. : D

For the record an edition of the SD S&G is lost in transit, which could mean anything I guess.
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