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Re: Super Deluxe values

Subject: Re: Super Deluxe values
by Elwë on 2010/8/20 6:12:38

Beren wrote:
If I have a lower number limited edition it sells much, much better and demand is very high for the lower numbers, while the higher numbers always takes 'much' longer to sell.

I am very much in agreement with Beren. In fact, when I sold #35 of the SD CoH, the buyer really wanted a sealed copy. #35 was already opened, so I offered him the choice of a sealed copy of a later number (can't quite remember, but somewhere around #339). He ended up going with the lower number because he thought it was a 'premium' number, even at #35. I went ahead and provided him the shipping carton from #339 just to make the book a little more complete (and just peeled off the sticker on the shipping carton that indicated #339). This is just one of many examples I could provide where a lower number made a difference in a sale. Where that cut-off is, I am not sure, but on a limited run of 500, I know I did okay with #34 and #35.

While I agree with Beren on "the market," when it comes to my personal collection, I have to agree with Stu. I really could care less what number I receive (unless of course, it is something like #100 or less of the 1987 SD Hobbit!). In fact, I actually like the way the market works and have used it to my advantage in the past. When the SD CoH was released, I bought a couple of the early copies, then I bought a couple of the later numbers once HC started deeply discounting them. I sold the early ones for a premium and essentially ended up with my personal copy (#339) for free. I can say with certainty that I am happier with a high number for free than a low number for hundreds of dollars!
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