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Re: What should I spend my £100 on- just for fun

Subject: Re: What should I spend my £100 on- just for fun
by Onónion on 2010/9/5 11:49:28

I'm in a dilemma here, and I'd like your opinions/advices, as I really don't know what to do.
Every year I do a summer job and from the money I earn, I take a part to spend on things I want. This year there are two things: my guitar project (I'm building an electric guitar) and some books, of course. Unfortunately, the guitar building project is (much) more expensive than I thought it would be.
With the 'book money' I have already bought a copy of the Ancrene Riwle (1955, Burns & Oates, with d/j) and it should arrive this week. I have now still got ca. £30 to spend on, but there are three 'deals' I have to choose from, and I find that quite hard.

Choice 1 is a 1st/4th of The Return of the King in good-very good condition (with dustjacket).
I want this one because: it would be my first 1st edition copy of The Lord of the Rings and it seems to have had quite a limited run (about 3200).
I doubt because: isn't it silly to buy just the third book and not having the other two? Wouldn't it give a feeling of deficiency?

Choice 2 consists of two books: Þe Liflade and te Passiun of Seinte Iuliene and Seinte Katerine (both published for the Early English Society), by S.R.T.O. d'Ardenne.
I want these two because: I am interested in Old and Middle English texts (studying English and German linguistics and philology at Ghent University). Also I am intrigued by Tolkien's more scholar writing and his 'significance' to these books. Also these books seem nice additions to my 'collection'.
I doubt because: what significance has really Tolkien had to these books? I know only this:
"D’Ardenne’s Þe Liflade ant te Passiun of Seinte Iuliene, for example, has been said to represent Tolkien’s most fully articulated thoughts on Middle English (Carpenter 140-41), and her edition of Seinte Katerine was begun with Tolkien’s collaboration. (Michael Drout, Tolkien Studies IV)
Is it really worth buying those, with regards to Tolkien's significance in them?

Choice 3 is the original 1936 publication of d'Ardenne's Þe Liflade and te Passiun of Seinte Iuliene.
I want this one because: of the reasons stated in choice two, plus it seems to me it has more of a collectable value than the E.E.S. edition (being scarcer and harder to find).
I doubt because: I'm not sure it is the same text of the E.E.S. edition. Also it costs about £40 which means I have to go beyond my budget of £30 and this for just one book. (If I go for deal 2 I have two books, including this one, though a later and less scarce edition)

Your opinions - and perhaps advices - on this somewhat annoying matter would be most helpful!

PS: If pictures would help you, please ask and I'll put some here that I received from the books' sellers.
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