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Re: Folio Silmarillion print run numbers?

Subject: Re: Folio Silmarillion print run numbers?
by Stu on 2010/9/17 13:56:46

Funnily enough, my copy of the 1997 Folio Sil went missing en-route as well. In the end, I found out about 6 months later that the seller had sent it to an old address related to my paypal account, and not the address they (a) told me they sent it to, (b) I had listed on the payment or (c) I had listed on the eBay transaction and (d) I had re-iterated in the text of the paypal payment.

I only figured this out because it was the address of my previous employer and I happened to bump into someone who still worked there that mentioned they had a parcel for me, so I got them to forward it on. I've always wondered how the buyer got the wrong address from Paypal/eBay as it was not listed on on any of the electronic communications between us. However it occurred, it seemed like a fairly significant privacy breach for someone to gain access to address details that were not supplied as part of the transaction. After that I deleted all of my old addresses from both accounts, just in case it happened again...

Still, I got the book in the end (so I didn't lose my twenty quid)!

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