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Re: How important is condition with HOME 1/1 value?

Subject: Re: How important is condition with HOME 1/1 value?
by Stu on 2010/9/19 16:49:42

Depends what you mean by "VG" - book grading is so damn subjective that I find it fairly meaningless (I tend to make the assumption that VG means "a bit tatty" as that seems to be the way most dealers grade things).

I would say that for anything other than the final two books, there is no need to pay a lot for F/NF copies. UK HoME 1/1 copies were printed in varying, but fairly large numbers (in the 3,500 - 7,500 sort of range). Only the final two might prove tricky because the price is usually steep on those ones, irrespective of condition. I don't believe there is any real logic behind the pricing of 11 and 12 (and to a lesser degree, 10), but there is a false belief in their rarity which seems to feed the pricing. If possible, get priced copies as these seem to be more highly prized.

If you are in no hurry and are in the UK, just take your time. The availability of UK 1/1 HoME has consistently improved over the last few years and the price has correspondingly dropped (and continues to do so). .

Your trick will be getting the Unfinished Tales with the matching HoME cover to complete the set. That one took me years and is the only one that would be difficult to replace!

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