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Re: Journals and Fanzines

Subject: Re: Journals and Fanzines
by Urulöké on 2007/3/11 23:20:44

Sorry for being away for so long... work trip.

I've definitely noticed that there are certain issues of AH and Mallorn that are quite scarce, and that certain people are very keen on getting them. You will see, for example, one particular issue of AH go over $100 and another from the same seller from the same era get no bids at $20 or so. But there is definitely a surge in interest in all of these old fanzines recently, I think they are the new hot collectible (like the History of Middle-earth was back around 2000-2002). They will stabilize again soon I think, when the current well-funded collectors get their sets together or run out of money/interest, or else when the high prices bring out a lot of copies from closets and the market meets the current demand.

I emailed Lisa Star about Tyalie Tyelellieva, she may have some back issues available still.
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