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Re: New super deluxe editions

Subject: Re: New super deluxe editions
by Elwë on 2011/1/14 18:57:48

My understanding is that the publication of the Super Deluxe Sigurd and Gudrun was prompted by the Tolkien Estate and not Harper Collins. It seemed that they wanted to put out a very nice edition of this book as a tribute to the work itself, as well as to provide an opportunity for fans to own a fine edition. (Beren should probably confirm this notion though. I seem to remember him having the inside scoop on the background of this book).

As far as new Super Deluxe editions go.... I think it is likely that at some point in the future, they will publish more. I don't know if it will be to the same specs as the most recent two, but someday, there will be something. I am skeptical that they will publish any new works in such a format (one could hope for a fancy 'Lay of Leithian' or something of that ilk*). Personally, I would like to see another SD Hobbit, LotR, or Silmarillion. Another question to ask is, would it be worth doing without Christopher Tolkien's signature? Maybe do something like the first 100 of 500 copies signed like in 1987 for the Hobbit (and 1982 for the Sil).

*Not that the Lay of Leithian is anything new, but it hasn't been published as a nice stand alone edition. I think they could pull off a few smaller Super Deluxe volumes of things like this and maybe 'Fall of Gondolin' or similar bits. These super deluxes aren't for the mass consumer anyway, and serious collectors would eat them up IMHO.
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