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Re: HoME Deluxe slipcased [THREE vol. in ONE slipcase]

Subject: Re: HoME Deluxe slipcased [THREE vol. in ONE slipcase]
by Stu on 2013/4/29 10:02:23

laurel wrote:
Interesting lot.
Is it a good price do we think? If you compare with the recent sale of the 3 histories for high £100s if not more I suppose its fairly good but on their own you could probably pick up for a lot less.

Only the second one i have seen - anyone got one ?

I bet David @ Bookshelf could make a case? anyone been down that avenue ?

The books are significantly more expensive than they could be obtained for separately, so the slipcase is adding a significant value to the lot, assuming it sells. I've had all my copies of these books for quite a few years (and probably bought when prices were at their peak), but I would guess I paid a bit more than half of the price listed all up for the 6 books.

It is pretty easy to make slipcases. The card and cloth are readily available, and anyone with a bit of craft skill can make a near perfect case for a lot less than the ones I have seen advertised by Tolkienbookshelf. The Tolkien monogram is the only tricky bit, but plain coloured slipcases are dead easy. That said, the interest in these HoME cases is that they are "genuine" and a rarity.
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