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Re: New Book Releases

Subject: Re: New Book Releases
by Trotter on 2012/11/7 10:58:10

It appears that Tolkien is becoming very popular at the moment and quite a few new releases of The Hobbit from HarperCollins are available. I also noticed a new release of the paperback 7 volume box-set Lord of the Rings and a new hardback The ‘Father Christmas’ Letters.

The Hobbit

Some new paperbacks, covers shown here (http://www.tolkienguide.com/modules/n ... php?topic_id=1965&forum=9), nothing of note in these.

A new hardback Collector's edition has also been released, and I really like this copy, it looks like a lot of work has gone into the cloth design for the cover and the book is very well produced.

It is missing some of Tolkiens's illustrations which I'd like to seen included, so I can not give it full marks.

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Beren has an article about it.

http://www.tolkienlibrary.com/press/1 ... in-gets-amazing-cover.php

Lord of the Rings 7 volume paperback box-set

I am struggling to see much of a difference with this set from 2001, so nothing much of note


The ‘Father Christmas’ Letters

The new hardback is described by Wayne and Christina on their blog.

http://wayneandchristina.wordpress.co ... ther-christmas-letters-4/

An excellent writeup as usual
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