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Re: New Book Releases

Subject: Re: New Book Releases
by Stu on 2012/11/8 21:54:27

remy wrote:
And no limits of £25 sterling total order etc for free shipping.

Book Depository do not have FREE shipping. Their prices are different depending on where you are located. Their shipping is, therefore, priced into the item cost that you are shown. If I buy the book in the UK it cost 10 pounds, and if I buy the same book in Australia it costs the equivalent of 15 pounds. The shipping - in this example - is (for an Australian buyer), 5 pounds. For BD to describe this as being free is fraudulent.

Now, in some ways including the shipping in the item price makes life easier, as with Amazon you have to put an order together and go through the whole process to find out the total cost, which is a pain.

However, my objection is solely to the description of it being "Free". It isn't, and I'm surprised that they have gotten away with claiming that it is. Just use a UK proxy and an Australian Proxy to view BD and you will see the massive differences in pricing applied to different countries.
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