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Re: New Book Releases

Subject: Re: New Book Releases
by Khamûl on 2012/11/9 6:07:43


To get totally nerdy about it --I've always documented my buying, both the price paid & postage. (For no other reason, in respect to postage, than habit.) As I think we've discussed before: years ago Amazon did do zero postage if you placed an order over a certain amount (£15 it was.) This did apply for multiple items though. So, if you bought a paperback for £5 you paid postage. But if this order was placed at the same time as, say, a £20 hardback, the postage was waved, for all of it. To me this was true "free" postage, as in one case you paid, & in the other you clearly did not. Now that they've scrapped UK postage all together, I now consider postage as incorporated into the list price. Therefore all my Amazon purchases appear as "£15 (Inc. postage)" etc.

You do get other circumstances though. I buy books from a company called Tartarus Press & they do "All prices include postage and packing worldwide". So this means I'm paying £35 for a book, & this probably includes, say, £5 postage. But guys in the US are obviously "hypothetically" getting the book itself for cheaper. No shifty IP address nonsense from them.

Either way, I agree Stu --I'm not sure how BD get away with this sham; it's incredibly un-transparent. If I recall did Amazon not get pulled up for actually having variant prices depending on your browser history & shopping habits? i.e. lower prices to entice just you (--which was deemed illegal.)

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