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Re: New Book Releases

Subject: Re: New Book Releases
by Stu on 2012/11/8 4:10:26

remy wrote:
Though Amazon now own them, apparantely they are pretty much allowed to operate independently as they always did.

They are clearly not operating independently, as overall, they are nowhere near as cheap as they used to be a year or so back, except on a handful of selected loss-leader items (e.g this copy of the Hobbit which is only AUD 7.99).

Their imaginary "RRP" (including postage) in Australia is quite often just the same price as going to a physical book store these days. Also, since the merger, the free shipping to Australia with Amazon for orders over 25 pounds has also gone, so the delivered prices between the two are much of a muchness. It is also worth noting that their "Free Shipping" is no such thing. If they were more honest, their prices would be advertised as "Inclusive of Shipping", given that the price you pay is completely different depending on the IP address you use to create your order. In Australia, for instance, you will be quoted a higher RRP (often a completely fictitious number) and a higher overall price. Now that isn't "Free Shipping" at all.

I'm actually trying to buy some books locally to try and keep the real stores alive a bit longer, as once there is no competition, there won't be any cheap books....
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