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Re: New Book Releases

Subject: Re: New Book Releases
by Stu on 2011/11/8 1:57:30

Khamul wrote:

What I was really edging towards saying was --if Rateliff (watch that spelling SonOfDolf! ) just doesn't like Blok's art personally (otherwise known as personal taste), he should just plainly state this. Instead it's dressed up in some fairly harsh criticism of the art itself. It was the tone more than anything.

To be fair to Rateliff, I think that any discussion of art (beyond any technical comments on a particular technique) would be considered to personal taste. I'm not sure it is necessary for comments to be prefaced as such.

Khamul wrote:

That aside, I wonder who he does rate. I think, personally, that Tolkien saw in Blok's art something he liked --hence buying a few. Blok reminds me of Baynes (& more recently Ruth Lacon) in lacking realism. Somehow I don't think (just speculation, mind) Tolkien would have much liked Howe, Nasmith, or even perhaps Lee. I'm just curious as to whether Rateliff rates any of the big three...


I'm not sure that it really matters that much what Tolkien would have liked as to whether the art has merit for someone else. Given the personal nature of art appreciation, the fact that someone else draws value from something doesn't necessarily mean a great deal - whether that 'someone else' is Tolkien or Rateliff.

With regards to the review, I agree that it was perhaps a tiny bit mean in tone, but fundamentally it was an "opinion piece" and should be treated as such.

And to declare my own personal position, I quite like some of Blok's pictures and others not at all. They seem to be a mixed bag, quality-wise. I think the book is actually the right format for them, rather than the calendar which I think is more of a throwaway item for the masses and should have more mainstream appeal.

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