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Re: Limited edition LOTR and Hobbit - advice on value please

Subject: Re: Limited edition LOTR and Hobbit - advice on value please
by Khamûl on 2011/9/11 7:47:05

I don't see anyone actually giving Rohansgirl any prices here.

As as been discussed many times before, Abebooks is hardly a reliable guide to what price a private seller might be likely to achieve; no slight on D.M. over at The Tolkien Bookshelf --for a start ABE sellers are paying 13.5% commission.

Regarding LotRs, 3rd & 4th impressions pretty much go for original RRP (£100) on eBay, or, more commonly, for less. The only reason they go higher, I think, is because buyers don't know what impression they are. 1st & 2nd impressions are, admittedly, less common. Here's prices I've noted:-

February 2011 £130 "as new" [1st imp.]
May 2010 £160 [1st imp.]
That's all I've noted going back to Dec. 2009.

Regarding H, again this edition (Hatchards) is fairly infrequently auctioned on eBay.

March 2010 £268 [#143]
February 2010 £321 [#285]
I haven't noted any others, again going back to Dec. 2009. I can't be bothered looking back any further.

So, I'd say no more than £200 for LotRs, and probably around £300-£350 for the Hatchards H.

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