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Re: Current Super Deluxe titles from HarperCollins

Subject: Re: Current Super Deluxe titles from HarperCollins
by Elwë on 2011/9/17 10:18:07

Stu, I agree with you. I have number 265 of S&G, but I don't think it means much. Case in point - At the time I picked up the S&G, I also got #490 and #492 of CoH. I bought those in November 2010 when they still had the 3 for 2 deal. The funny thing is, I live in the US, and when I bought those two CoH's, everything was taking over a month to get here from the UK due to some US Homeland Defense thing forcing most things to go surface mail. When I purchased these, they arrived at my house in like three days! It leads me to believe that HC might send a bunch of these super deluxes over here to then be distributed more quickly and cheaply (from a distribution center, maybe?). Maybe the pile they sent over here were something like #450 to #500? At the release date of these books, I know that was not the case, as I got a much lower number S&G (in the 40's I think), and #34 and 35 of CoH here in the US. But I do wonder if I would continue to get high numbers if I bought more of these here.

I have to agree that "Most" of the S&G are still available. I'd guess only a couple hundred, at best, have sold. However, I'd be surprised if there were more than 100 CoH's left for sale. I mean, geez, this thing has been for sale for coming on 4 years. The trade editions were fairly good sellers, and they had quite a bit of hype for the super deluxe edition with the then new website and forum. The other thing CoH has going for it, is that it is Middle Earth. I'll even admit that, although I own it in standard deluxe and super deluxe, I have still never finished reading S&G. So, based on the numbers I have seen, my guess would be between 50 and 100 copies remaining.

I have an idea how we can get a definitive answer. Why doesn't someone order a hundred of these things, and see how many you actually get!
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