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Re: Current Super Deluxe titles from HarperCollins

Subject: Re: Current Super Deluxe titles from HarperCollins
by Stu on 2011/9/17 21:23:09

I still find it funny that funny that HC produced the SD S&G in an edition of 500, despite the already slow sales of CoH. They should really have paid attention to this forum, where the general consensus at the time was that 500 copies of an SD S&G was totally nuts. An edition of 250 would probably have sold quite quickly for either book, but once the number of copies starts to go up, the desirability drops.

They would probably have had better luck doing 250 SG followed by 250 signed deluxe Unfinished Tales (Same format, but with different coloured leather, assembled at same bindery for overall economies of scale). If they had done that, they would probably have sold them all. I would have bought a UT at any rate, so that would only have left 249.

Mind you, I just quit my job, so my book buying days are probably over....
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