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Re: Tolkien US Editions

Subject: Re: Tolkien US Editions
by SonOfDolf on 2011/10/7 15:47:56

Reading from this link
http://mulubinba.typepad.com/ra_viewe ... f/2011/04/thrors-map.html

it looks like my map is correct!

Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light will shine on Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole

"when" - the rune for w is a "P"


edit: I'm confused now because I checked another Hobbit (2004) and the runes are on the back of the map in mirror writing but taking that into account the order is the same as the Easton Press order.

edit 2: found this info: "Tolkien’s use of the runic alphabet is pretty
straightforward, but there is some variation between a strictly letter-for-letter transliteration (as in FIUE (‘five’) in which the silent ‘e’ is preserved)
and a more phonetic approach (for example,DoR for ‘door’ rather thanDooR). Also notable in the moon-letters is the use ofHWEN (‘hwen’) for ‘when’,
which follows Old English usage."

So in conclusion
1. the 1976 Hobbit is wrong after all.
2. Easton press has the right order, but there is a version of their Hobbit where the runic "H" is missing the middle bar
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