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Re: Bookseller article on new Hobbit books

Subject: Re: Bookseller article on new Hobbit books
by Stu on 2011/10/18 20:59:48

>Actually, many of HarperCollins' Tolkien titles, such as the new edition of Mr. Bliss, are printed in Italy. Naturally, they want to vary the presentations every now and then - Rayner Unwin used to call this 'keeping things fresh' (or words to that effect) - though of course it is hard on the completist collector!

Yes, I was perhaps being a bit sour with the "Made in China" comment. Certainly some of the HC editions sold in Australia *have* been printed in China proper or HK. The 1/1 of CoH sold here was HK, and I'm pretty sure the same thing went for S&G. Not everything coming out of China is bad, of course, but I personally try to avoid buying Chinese products where possible for various political, ethical, quality and environmental reasons that are off-topic for this forum.

With regards to the "keeping things fresh", I agree to an extent, but I also think that it has gone too far with the Tolkien books. I've pretty much drawn a line in the sand at this point and, whilst happy to purchase genuinely new materials or reissues of books that have been hard to find, I don't see a great deal of merit in some of the books that HC Produces. The little books of (not very good) maps are great examples of books that really only exist to fleece the unwary at gift-giving time.

Will we have a 80th, 85th, 90th, 95th anniversary version of "The Hobbit"? I guess it depends on whether the next generation bother with the paper copies of go straight to the Kindle/iPad. Maybe HC will need to figure out a new cash-cow.

Fortunately there are many, many pre-HC books that I still need to get, so I'm not going to run short of books to half-heartedly chase after.

Also, whilst I am ranting (), I think the fact that HC considers that "Available for a Limited Time" means "for as long as we can sell any" and "Limited Edition" means "We printed more than we can sell, and then some" irks me.

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