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Re: Identifying Silmarillion 1997 export edition

Subject: Re: Identifying Silmarillion 1997 export edition
by Khamûl on 2011/10/24 14:28:53

I've had a rant about this fairly recently on these forums!
(I'm sure someone, Trotter!, could find it & provide a link here.)

Firstly, from a value perspective, there should be very little difference (paid) between 1st impressions.

Clearly the correction of the italicized "and" in the Ulmo entry (or the very assumption that there was an error and it was then corrected i.e. this order) is the distinguishing point differentiating the two states of the Clowes 1st impression.

Yes, the other features (cloth/paper binding; presence, or not of headbands; & dyed top edge, or not) can be used to identify the two states --but they should not be absolutely trusted.

The DJ shade is difficult to ascertain from photos. The other points are easy to see, provided (as you discuss) good images are provided. But, ultimately, the error(s) (or correction(s) of them) identify the priority of the sheets themselves --nothing else.

As I've mentioned previously: I have a paper bound Clowes 1st, review copy. And, there are intermediate states of practically every other impression & book club variant. These aren't, I believe, binding mistakes or errors, as someone previously suggested. They simply used a lot of different printers, and printed many, many copies.

So, if the seller can be trusted, I'd get straight to the point & just ask about the Ulmo error. I wouldn't pay more than £10 for a copy of The Silmarillion.

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