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Re: A Tolkien Tapestry (Special Edition)

Subject: Re: A Tolkien Tapestry (Special Edition)
by garm on 2011/12/27 1:43:18

"Since in real these paintings do look brilliant!"

They do - I saw some a few years ago, when their owner(s) kindly allowed them to be displayed during an Art Show at Oxonmoot. I remember the Ents painting, with one ent whose head looks like a conker.

I'd been intrigued by Blok's work for some years, and it was terrific to see them 'in the flesh' as it were - (same goes for other painters' work; Ted Nasmith e.g.). Close up, one can see the various layering which goes in to the construction of the painting; it's a fascinating technique.

To my uncultured mind, it's a bit like the Tolkien bookbindings of Philip Smith, some of which were displayed during the 1992 Conference. At first I wasn't sure what to make of them aesthetically (meaning: I didn't like 'em much). but since then I've read up a bit on Smith's book-bindings and his techniques - (I have a signed copy of a booklet by him - I'm an autograph hound) - and I've seen other examples of his works in a sales catalogue, and I've warmed to them; the amount of work and thought which goes into the paintings of Blok, and Smith's book-bindings, is impressive. As are the results.

I would like to see some more of both men's works.
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