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Re: 4-Book Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Set from HC

Subject: Re: 4-Book Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Set from HC
by Stu on 2012/1/30 14:12:25

I thought the shipping restriction to the US on this was lifted years ago, to be honest.

The set I got from HC three years back contains 1/1 (CoH), 1/1 (Sil) ,1/1 (Hobbit) ,1/2 (LOTR). The cost was GBP 140 (discounted by 40%) + GBP 5 standard international shipping (to Australia). i.e. All up GBP 145.

Originally this was claimed as a limited set of 500, but they subsequently dropped that claim, so who knows? The books themselves have always been marked as being "available for a limited time only" and for some of the books that limited time has now extended to 8 years and 4+ printings...

I wouldn't recommend paying 200 pounds these books, and to be honest, I wouldn't get too excited about the slipcase. The books look better without it, especially if you have the other two matching(ish) editions.

You could certainly pick them up cheaper on eBay given time (CoH, particularly, is basically worthless on the second hand market), but the postage might well be the killer if you had to get them separately.


Edit: http://www.tolkien.co.uk/Help/Pages/D ... y-and-Return-Details.aspx shows that delivery costs have not increased. 4.99 per book + 99p per additional. This counts as one book.
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