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Re: 4-Book Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Set from HC

Subject: Re: 4-Book Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Set from HC
by Stu on 2012/1/30 22:34:30

Karl wrote:
I've sent HC an email about shipping to the US and a possible discount; I'm awaiting their reply. Stu - 145 GBP sounds like a good price for the set - do you think a similar discount is likely to happen again in the near future? Does anyone have experience asking HC for a discount on an item and getting one? I'd seen that they ship outside the UK, but when I try to purchase the item, I get the message: "Sorry but the following products are not available for sale to your country and will be removed from your basket." Thus I'm not so optimistic they'll ship to me.

So I've got some conflicting opinions: 200 GBP is too much Stu says; Beren could sell it to me for more. Anyone else want to weigh in?

Beren - what's your price?

Hi Karl,

It may be that HC didn't get the exemption that would allow them to sell the boxed set to the US. They certainly did get an agreement (with HMH presumably) that allowed them to sell the Super-deluxe volumes direct to the US.

HC used to periodically do fairly regular discounts across the board (usually 30 or 40 percent), but I'm no longer on their mailing list (as I changed email addresses and their website doesn't actually allow you to update your email address!). I'm not sure if they still do these routinely or if they just have occasional discounts on selected products or groups of products. Their website is crap and doesn't always even give you the advertised discount on a product!

With regards to Beren's price -- obviously he has paid to purchase the book up front (and may well have paid full retail in the hope the set would sell out and go up in value), so I imagine he would have to charge more than the 200 just to cover his sunk costs (although I can't speak for him -- this is purely supposition). Obviously you wouldn't pay the (speculative) 400 pounds that he has it advertised for unless you were a total loony.

[EDIT: Beren has corrected me that the price is GBP 330 - That'll teach me not to rely on my dubious memory! Sorry, Beren]

In terms of purchasing from HC, I am aware of people asking for (and being given) 30% discounts on the Super-Deluxe books, so it would not be unprecedented to be given a discount that was not advertised.

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