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Re: 4-Book Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Set from HC

Subject: Re: 4-Book Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Set from HC
by Stu on 2012/1/31 1:04:10

Beren wrote:
Hey Stu... I'm selling them for 330 GBP and there is always room for a reduction and free postal costs... I'm not listing in pounds but in euro!! Makes a big difference. And also the ones I'm selling are the first editions that were released (when there were still only 500 copies made). Back then there were no reductions and postal costs of tolkien.co.uk were sky high - think maybe do remember that time. I believe I ordered over 100 of those sets back then and have almost none left. My customers have been happy that I do ship to the US, Brazil, China, Japan, Australia, you name it. Always provide perfect packaging and follow up. Anyways... I don't like to use this site to promote my business. But at first I did just make it possible for people outside the UK to get hold of the sets. It was by the way very hard to get them to ship these outside the UK back then...

Hi Beren,

Yes, I do indeed remember the early HC postage costs (I think my first SD CoH cost 45 pounds to ship to Australia!!), and understand that you gave a valuable route for people in the US to get their mitts on these books in the early days of the release.

Are those copies that you are selling the 1/1/1/2 editions (like mine), though? My understanding is that there were never any sets issued with 1/1/1/1 because the first print of LOTR was already sold out when the set was issued?

Also, are you aware if more than 500 sets were actually made or if they just stopped mentioning the 500 set limitation on the site? Also, if there were indeed more printed, what is the difference between the first 500 and the subsequent ones?

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