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Re: 4-Book Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Set from HC

Subject: Re: 4-Book Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Set from HC
by Stu on 2012/2/2 13:32:30

Karl wrote:
I'm still waiting to hear from HC - their customer service certainly isn't too hasty. If they won't ship to me, are there individuals or bookstores in the UK that might ship the item to me (either I could order it to them or they could order it) for a small fee (on top of the shipping costs). Obviously, I would want it to be secure on both sides and not get scammed.

Beren - I sent you an inquiry on your website and am still waiting to hear back...

Do you have any friends in Canada? That might work as they would - I believe - ship to Canada (for 5 pounds) and then you could get it forwarded from there. I know Canada post is a bit expensive, but it still might be your cheapest option.
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